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Flair Fighter - Space Dog Husky Vinyl Sticker

Flair Fighter - Space Dog Husky Vinyl Sticker

$ 5.00

This super cute vinyl sticker features a super brave husky dog going up to space! Did you know that before humans went up to space, dogs went up to explore the galaxy first?  Perfect for husky dog lovers and anyone who love space! Extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting, each of our vinyl stickers are made to weather the storm, no matter what you have them stuck on. Whether you like to hit the humid beaches with them stuck on your water bottle or find yourself out in the sun constantly, these stickers are both waterproof and UV-resistant, ensuring they last for years. These stickers are perfect for placing on everything from your laptop to your water bottles, from your windows to your car bumpers, or any other item you own that needs a fun bit of personality injected into it.