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Dumpling House will be closed Mar 23-31, 2018 for  Spring Break and Easter holidays.  We'll resume on April 6!

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If you had a Chinese grandmother, this is how she would make your dumplings. And she'd probably try to fatten you up too. Therefore, we serve 8 generously-filled dumplings per serving, along with a side of soup and a dipping sauce. For most people, one order of dumplings per person will suffice.

Our dumplings are made by hand, to order. We don't make them days or even hours in advance - we make them fresh, for you. We carefully select a combination of ingredients for each filling style to provide a harmony of flavor and texture. We don't use MSG in our dumplings. The flavor of each of our fillings can stand up on their own, so we don't need to hide behind flavor enhancers. That's just silly.

Traditional dumplings are made with pork for good reason - it tastes great. You won't be disappointed.

For those that prefer beef over pork, you'll be happy to know that we don't use hamburger meat in our Ribeye Dumplings. We hand chop USDA Choice Ribeye Steak for a dumpling that is as tender as it is flavorful

If you're a little more on the adventurous side, try our Lamb Dumplings. The mild, gamey flavor of lamb, with our blend of herbs and spices is perfectly paired with our Traditional Sauce.

Seafood lovers have a choice between two mouth-watering selections: Shrimp or Wild Coho Salmon. Our Shrimp Dumplings have a lighter flavor. We source our wild-caught Coho salmon directly from the fishermen in the Pacific Northwest. The deep, red color and outstanding taste can only be had from wild Coho salmon.

Vegans, we also have dumplings for you! Our Vegetarian Dumplings are made with green beans, carrots, and a blend of Chinese mushrooms. We keep it simple, yet provide a satisfyingly hearty and flavorful dumpling.

Sorry, we don't do gluten-free dumplings. You can ask for a gluten-free won ton soup, and we'll make you a great alternative.

Although the dumplings are flavorful enough to be enjoyed on their own, you might opt to dip them in our sauces. Because this is Chinese food, each sauce has a soy sauce base.

Our Traditional Sauce is made with fresh, minced ginger and rice vinegar. It provides a nice complement to each of our dumplings, and allows the nuances of each filling type to shine through. It is the only sauce we make that doesn't have any chili.

Choose our Spicy Sauce if you think your mouth needs an old-fashioned punch. For the uninitiated, you'll wince in pain, cough, and reach for water. For the initiated, you'll go back for more. Made with a complex blend of spices, the heat and flavor don't disappoint.

Our dumpling chefs are from Sichuan, China. In Sichuan, spicy food is taken to a whole new level with the additional of Sichuan peppercorns. The heat from the chili will burn your tongue, but then after a while, the peppercorns will make your mouth all numb and tingly. It's the perfect excuse to play hooky for the rest of the afternoon.

Each order of dumplings comes with a soup on the side. No, your dumplings won't be swimming in the soup. Those would be wontons. These are dumplings. These soups are to whet your appetite. They are both made with vegetable stock, and are suitable for vegetarians, but do contain egg. Choose from Egg Drop or Hot & Sour:

Egg Drop Soup is made with peas, carrots, and eggs. Delicate wisps of egg intermingle with the red and green of the vegetables in this non-spicy soup.

For those that like spicy foods, we recommend our traditional Sichuan Hot & Sour Soup. Almost as tangy as it is spicy, this soup will evoke wild swings of emotion as your mouth and esophagus try to understand what just passed by them. You'll simultaneous want to smack your face, reach for a glass of water, and reach for another spoonful of the soup. New Mexico green chile stew has not prepared you for this. If you ask most of our customers, they will tell you to choose this soup. We can't disagree. But then again, we're all gluttons for punishment, and this soup doesn't disappoint. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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