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New Mexico's largest international grocer. 2 locations: Albuquerque & Santa Fe
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Home Delivery FAQ

Home Delivery FAQ

Q: Why are you delivering in Santa Fe instead of opening a store?

A: We have decided to move our Santa Fe operations online.  We listened to your feedback over the years and understand that our product selection and availability was not nearly as strong as our Albuquerque store's.  We also know that you need the specialty items that you regularly use, but don't want to spend hours of your time or to waste gas driving to Albuquerque.  That's why we will be delivering products directly to you in Santa Fe.

Q: What is your delivery area?

A: Currently, we are only delivering to the greater Santa Fe area, within about a 5 mile radius from our old store in downtown Santa Fe.  We are not currently delivering to Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Los Alamos, Taos, Espanola, or any other city.  However, that may change in the future.  Also, remote or difficult to reach areas, especially during inclement weather, will not be part of our delivery area.

Q: Is there a charge?

A: There is a nominal charge of $8 to deliver to Santa Fe.  However, that will be offset by all the hours you'll save from driving and the gas you'll waste.  As an added bonus, you'll get the same prices as our Albuquerque store, including sale items.

Q: When can I expect my deliver?

A: We will be delivering Thursdays only, with no service on holidays.  Order must be placed by 5:00 PM local time for next-service-day delivery.  Deliveries will generally be from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  Factors such as traffic, weather, and road closures can delay our ability to get the order to you in a timely manner.

Q: What can I order?

A: You can order just about anything we carry in Albuquerque, including produce, meat, seafood, refrigerated, and frozen items.  Ice cream is currently not available for delivery.

Q: How do I order weighed items?

A: You can specify the weight, to the nearest tenth of a pound.  For example, you can order 1.8 lbs of Bok Choy.  We'll do our best to get you a quantity as close as possible to the weight you ordered.  Sometimes we might be a little off, but if it's significant, we'll contact you first.

Q: How do you handle damaged or spoiled items?

A: We'll try to review the items with you upon delivery.  We do our best to check all items before they leave the store for quality.  However, sometimes we don't get it exactly right, and some items may be damaged or spoiled.  Let us know immediately for perishable items (within 24 hours), and within 7 days for non-perishable items.  We'll make it right.

Q: How do you handle returns?

A: Notify us immediately, within 24 hours for perishable items, and within 7 days for non-perishable items.  We'll figure out how to proceed from there.  You can also return the item within those time limits to our Albuquerque store.

Q: Can you deliver to my business?

A: Yes!  We will do our best to deliver to you first. However, please aware the deliveries occur in the afternoon to early evening.  If your business closes earlier, we may have some difficulty delivering to you.