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Independent Publishers Group - The Jackfruit Cookbook

Independent Publishers Group - The Jackfruit Cookbook

$ 19.95

Hardcover - Cook Book / Vegetarian /Fruit. Sixty diverse recipes using the healthy fruit that has cornered the faux meat market. A healthy fruit that doubles as a meat substitute? Count us in. Jackfruit is the new sustainable super ingredient on the block. With 60 sweet and savory recipes, The Jackfruit Cookbook has something for everyone, from Loaded jackfruit nachos or faux meat Pulled 'pork' jackfruit burgers with crunchy 'slaw to Jackfruit Chutney and Sweet jackfruit fritters with toasted coconut. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, there is nothing this fruit can't do. Make the most of this versatile, sustainable, and delicious vegan ingredient with recipes for every occasion, perfect if you're looking for lunch on the go or a dinner menu to make everyone's mouth water.