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Knock Knock - Affirmators!® Dial-a-Mantra Wheel O' Wisdom

Knock Knock - Affirmators!® Dial-a-Mantra Wheel O' Wisdom

$ 10.00

Get immediate answers to life’s everyday dilemmas! Our Wheels o’ Wisdom share insight with a simple spin—like how to empower yourself in nerve-racking situations. Includes 112 mantras (and other empowering nuggets) to help navigate any stress cyclone with calm resilience and self-help. A special Affirmators! mantra meditation tool written by bestselling author Suzi Barrett. Find inner strength in different situations, such as attending your class reunion, schlepping through a rush-hour commute, or reasoning with a jerk-face neighbor. 10.25 x 10.63 inches; die-cut, record-sleeve-style packaging to impress friends with.