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Korriko Pet Supply - Adjustable Harness - Thanks A Brunch

Korriko Pet Supply - Adjustable Harness - Thanks A Brunch

$ 31.99

Our Adjustable Dog Harness is designed with the ability to fully adjust the neck and chest straps to ensure a perfect fit. This is especially great for breeds with large heads, such as French Bulldogs. It also allows room for growth while a dog is during its puppy phase. Features: ADJUSTABLE HARNESSES First order minimum: $250 USD / $325 CAD Custom print on luxurious neoprene Breathable mesh interior allowing pets to feel comfortably cool Korriko-branded D-Ring for leash attachment Weather-resistant polyester webbing neck and back straps Korriko-branded buckle featuring a 4-point lock system for extra security Reflective safety patch and stripes for night visibility