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M5 Corporation - Dark Balsamic Glaze - 5.1oz (150ml)

M5 Corporation - Dark Balsamic Glaze - 5.1oz (150ml)

$ 11.95

A true balsamic reduction, Mussini's natural dark thick glaze provides the chef with convenient flexibility in offering new and exciting preparations. Glazes can be used on raw or steamed vegetables, fruits, desserts, eggs, roasted & grilled meats, fowl, cheese and pizza to mention a few applications. They may also be used individually or in combination as a finishing glaze prior to removing meat from the heat or to prepare unique vinaigrette. They are made from grape must and balsamic vinegar in Modena, Italy under very tightly controlled conditions. Mussini natural flavored glazes have no added sugars, caramel or chemical thickeners. A high quality product.