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Mikuni Wild Harvest - Yuzu Mayo / 290 gram bottle

Mikuni Wild Harvest - Yuzu Mayo / 290 gram bottle

$ 13.50

YUZU MAYO 290G All natural and loaded with Yuzu, Hotaru Yuzu Mayo is a traditional Japanese Mayonnaise, meaning it is dense, firm, rich and luxurious. This is achieved by using high-in-acidity Yuzu Fruit as the acidifier and tons of eggs compared to the common Mayonnaise. This yields a style that is preferred by accomplished chefs. Equally versatile to the Sushi trade or an ambitious young food truck chef, this mayo might replace that grocery store brand in your fridge. INGREDIENTS Soybean Oil. Water. Whole Eggs. Pure Yuzu Juice, salt, sugar, xanthum gum, citric acid. PACKAGING 290g/10.22oz x 24 FLAVOR Tangerine, Meyer Lemon, Egg Yolk, Slightly Savory, dense, firm, rich and luxurious texture COLOR Golden Yellow STORAGE Shelf Stable, See Best By Date – Refrigerate After Opening ORGIN Korea ALLERGENICS Contains Egg As An Ingredient