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Ohtea - Fresh Fruit Tea - Grapefruit & Jasmine (3pcs)

Ohtea - Fresh Fruit Tea - Grapefruit & Jasmine (3pcs)

$ 12.00

Satisfy your taste buds with our unique blend of fresh grapefruit, concentrated juice, and jasmine tea. Our freeze-dried process at -30°C ensures the freshest fruit flavors in every sip. Enjoy the satisfying texture of large grapefruit pulp pieces and the pleasant floral and fruity aromas. At fewer calories than an apple, it's the perfect guilt-free treat. Each box contains 3 individual packs for convenient on-the-go enjoyment, ready in just 5 seconds. Product highlights: - Freeze-dried at -30°C to preserve the Freshest Fruit Flavors. - Fresh Fruit in every sip. - Ready in 5 seconds. - Fewer Calories than an Apple. * Each box contains 3 individual fruit tea packs