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Ohtea - Fresh Fruit Tea - White Peach Oolong (3pcs)

Ohtea - Fresh Fruit Tea - White Peach Oolong (3pcs)

$ 12.00

Savor the taste of fresh white peaches in our unique blend of white peach and oolong tea. With large pieces of peach pulp, it offers a satisfying texture while the floral and fruity aromas leave a pleasant scent in the mouth. Enjoy the taste of summer all year round, with each serving containing fewer calories than an apple, making it a guilt-free treat. Product highlights: - Freeze-dried at -30°C to preserve the Freshest Fruit Flavors. - Fresh Fruit in every sip. - Ready in 5 seconds. - Fewer Calories than an Apple. * Each box contains 3 individual fruit tea packs