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Paromi Tea - Detox with Me Herbal Tea - 15 Count Jars

Paromi Tea - Detox with Me Herbal Tea - 15 Count Jars

$ 9.99

Say hello to your daily good. Detox with me gently nudges your body to let go of environmental pollutants and toxins every time you drink it. It’s our kinder, gentler alternative to doing a more traditional cleanse every once in a while. We packed this functional blend with eight purifying botanicals bursting with phytochemical and nutrients; but we totally get it if you simply love its cool, refreshing taste and smell of cucumber and melon. Organic Detox with Me Herbal Tea is a blend of eight purifying botanicals designed to aid in stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms. Caffeine-free. Refreshing, cucumber-melon flavor with cool, crisp end-notes that pleasantly linger. Gentle formula designed for everyday use; not a harsh detox/cleanse. Made with superior grade rooibos & perfectly cut botanicals with more flavor & health benefits than the small particles found in most tea bags. Organic, fair trade certified, Non-GMO project verified, certified gluten free, kosher.