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Paromi Tea - Lemon Ginger Oolong Tea - 15 Count Jars

Paromi Tea - Lemon Ginger Oolong Tea - 15 Count Jars

$ 9.99

Organic Egyptian lemongrass, organic Sri Lankan ginger and a dash of oolong are what make this tea warm, sunny and, unlike traditional blends, fantastically rich. That’s the oolong talking. It’s hand-picked in Ambootia, a tea estate in India’s Darjeeling district nestled in the Himalayas at 4,000 ft. The altitude gives this caffeinated blend a muscatel flavor and aroma you won’t find anywhere else. Organic Lemon Ginger Oolong Tea elevates the time tested herbal combo of lemon and ginger by adding oolong tea for extra flavor, aroma, and mouth feel. Moderate caffeine. Tasting notes of zesty lemon, warm ginger, & a unique, muscatel flavor that many describe as complex & honey-like. Made with hand-picked, full-leaf oolong tea. Full-leaf tea has more flavor & health benefits than the fannings (small pieces of tea) & dust found in most tea bags. Organic, fair trade certified, Non-GMO project verified, certified gluten free, kosher.