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Single Sploot - Butts & Baos Washi Tape

Single Sploot - Butts & Baos Washi Tape

$ 4.50

Decorate your notebook, bullet journal or planner for Lunar New Years with our custom designed washi tape!  * 15mm Wide * Pale Yellow Background * Features a chibi kawaii bao and alternating corgi butts * Colors may vary from screen to screen * THIS IS REMOVEABLE MASKING TAPE AND IS PRONE TO PEELING - PLEASE USE GLUE OR TRUE ADHESIVE TAPE TO SEAL IT DOWN - DUE TO THE NATURE OF WASHI TAPE IT IS COMMON FOR IT TO NOT LAY FLAT ON SURFACES THAT ARE TEXTURIZED OR ODD MATERIAL SURFACES SUCH AS WAXED PAPER OR SURFACES WITH A SHEEN.