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Single Sploot - Corgi Onigiri

Single Sploot - Corgi Onigiri

$ 4.00

They say you become to food you and eat and it looks like our little corgi here has become an Onigiri! ●Handmade Sticker ●Printed on Matte Sticker Paper and finished with a gloss laminate ●PLEASE EXERCISE CAUTION WHEN GETTING STICKER WET OR EXPOSING TO SUNLIGHT ●Stickers are not waterproof or scratch proof ●Color may differ from screen to screen ●NOTE: Do not put in dishwasher. Best used on flat surfaces, if using on a water bottle please be sure to pat dry immediately. If placed on curved surface please press down hard to secure in place. ●Size ~ 2.5" x 2.25" ●Glossy Finish