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Sugarox Candy Studio LLC - Madre Mía Starter Pack

Sugarox Candy Studio LLC - Madre Mía Starter Pack

$ 5.50

The Madre Mía starter pack contains all 8 flavors of Tamalitoz. We know its hard to narrow the selection down, and this way you don't have to. Try all 8 flavors and see which ones your customers resonate most with. Or do what some of our valued customers do, display all 8 flavors and create a corner of Color, Joy and Flavor in your shop. Contains: 6 Pouches Divine Watermelon 6 Pouches Lip Smacking Mango 6 Pouches Tantalizing Tamarind 6 Pouches Cucumber Extravaganza 6 Pouches Pineapple Galore 6 Pouches Cherry It's a Fire 6 Pouches Bite me Blood Orange 6 Pouches Gorgeous Green Apple