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Tamim Teas - Reishi Delight Tea

Tamim Teas - Reishi Delight Tea

$ 15.95

If our Chaga mushroom tea is the king of the energy boost, then reishi mushroom tea is the queen of relaxation. Whether you’re looking to get a good night’s sleep or unwind after a long day, Reishi delight should be your go-to. Our Reishi delight blend pairs organic sun-dried reishi mushroom with notes of cinnamon, herbal honeybush, and bright orange peel. Serve it either warm or chilled for a sure crowd-pleaser. This reishi mushroom tea is a heartwarming infusion known for its calming & soothing effects. Welcome Reishi Delight into your life and turn any tough day into a relaxing one. Organic honeybush, organic cinnamon, organic red rooibos, organic reishi mushroom, organic orange peel. Size: 2.3oz per canister.