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Tea Rebellion - White Prakash - White Tea |  from Kenya | Biodegradable

Tea Rebellion - White Prakash - White Tea |  from Kenya | Biodegradable

$ 8.40

White Prakash is the superior quality white tea. It’s made from the baby plant only in a special time in the spring and with virtually no processing. This tea consists of the highly nutritious tip of the plant, which also makes it the tea with the least amount of caffeine. It is considered the healthiest of all caffeinated teas. While slightly darker than some white teas, White Prakash includes vanilla, spring blossoms, and melted butter notes. Character: Blooming, Friendly, Elegant. Awards: 1st prize at The 2019 Toronto Tea Festival, 2nd place winner of the 2020 Toronto Tea Festival, 4th Prize at the AVPA in Paris, 3rd Prize at the Global tea Championships 2019 Ingredients: Organic white loose-leaf tea. Cultivation and Certification: Certified Organic by Ecocert for Canada Organic Regime and USDA, Fair Trade Certified. Brewing instructions: One spoonful for one cup, brew at 79- 82℃/ 175- 180°F for 4 minutes.