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Teabloom - Teabloom Cypress Iced & Cold Brew Tea Carafe

Teabloom - Teabloom Cypress Iced & Cold Brew Tea Carafe

$ 29.95

ICED TEA & COLD BREW TEA MAKER. Now you can prepare, serve and store all your favorite beverages in the same beautiful glass carafe. Custom-brew iced tea, cold-brew tea, fruit-infused water, and more. Perfect for entertaining, gift-giving, and everyday use. TEAPOT FUNCTIONALITY WITH ADDED CONVENIENCE. Extra-large capacity carafe holds 4-5 cups (1.2 L) or 40 OZ. Use with loose-leaf tea, tea bags, and Teabloom’s blooming tea varieties. And you can leave the filter and lid in place for pouring – simply brew, pour, and enjoy. INNOVATIVE DESIGN FOR MORE VERSATILITY. The Carafe’s superfine stainless-steel filter contains the smallest tea leaves while allowing full flavor development. The extra-deep removable infuser basket also lets you brew a full carafe or just a few cups. MULTI-BREW FILTER LID. The filter lid may be used with or without the filter basket inside the glass flask. Tannin-free teas, like herbal blends, can be placed directly in the glass flask as they are aut...