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Tiborang - TIBORANG 12.6 inches Blue Nonstick 8in1 Multipurpose Pan

Tiborang - TIBORANG 12.6 inches Blue Nonstick 8in1 Multipurpose Pan

$ 119.98

ABOUT THIS ITEM: * EASY TO USE & MULTIFUNCTION: The non-stick pan is suitable for Deep Fried, Light Pressure cooking, Steam, Boil, Decoct, Grill, Stir and Hotpot. Handle and pressure exhaust valve can be manually detachable. You can easily lift the non-stick wok by the one-hand.  Suitable for use on all stove tops and multifunctional.  Tip: When you first receive the new induction wok, use warm water to clean, avoid using stainless steel scrubbing balls. Then wipe the body of the pot with oil, the coating is more non-sticky. * FOUR INNOVATIVE BREAKTHROUGH : * Front end of the large wok handle has a preheated indicator, when the Oil temperature ≥150℃,indicator will change from red to pink to white * 10KPA micro pressure valve on the lid, saving cooking time, open the value, lid can release easy. (don't use hand directly) * The cooking wok handle adopts an invisible screw, which makes it easy to disassemble during wash. * It is crafted from hard anodized aluminium and it will avoid bottom changing