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ToyalFriends - Cute Dress Up Penguin Plush Toy

ToyalFriends - Cute Dress Up Penguin Plush Toy

$ 27.46

- This dress up plush penguin is made of super soft plush and filled with high-quality 100% down cotton, all made of high-quality materials, safe and soft, very suitable for children to hug or squeeze, not easy to deform. - The size of the penguin stuffed plush toy is very convenient to carry when going out. Whether it is camping outdoors, lunch break, or watching movies, it will be a good companion - It is not only a gentle and charming penguin, but also a cute and ever-changing elf. It can be a beautiful rabbit, a sunflower, a little dinosaur or a magical unicorn. Different clothes give it different shapes. When you feel lonely and bored, your partner doll is with you. Penguin dolls can also accompany your children through a beautiful day. Features: ✔️ Filled with 100% premium PP Cotton ✔️ Allergy-Free & Asthma Friendly ✔️ Helps with sleeping & relaxation