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Umami Insider - John Dory Dashi Broth Base, 7.76 oz

Umami Insider - John Dory Dashi Broth Base, 7.76 oz

$ 11.20

What’s unique about this dashi broth base is that it features John Dory, a rare white fish caught offshore from the famous Hamada port in Shimane Prefecture. People usually enjoy John Dory’s flesh in deep-fried dishes, meunière, nabe hot pot, or sashimi, and its head, bones, and guts are thrown away. Shimane-based food wholesaler, Yoshitora, in collaboration with local manufacturers, developed a way to make use of the unused parts of the fish. The result is this exquisite dashi broth base! This extract of John Dory is mixed with other umami-rich ingredients, including bonito and Sodagatsuo (Auxis), in a perfect formula to produce a robust umami.