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Waku - Waku Berries & Basil Iced Tea

Waku - Waku Berries & Basil Iced Tea

$ 2.99

The most natural and refreshing iced tea you will find. Fruity, herbal, and fresh. Brewed with real herbs and fruits ripe to perfection, these iced teas packed with flavor will quench your thirst. Made with strawberry, blackberry, and cranberry juice. Gut health and immunity support. Packed with functional herbs (mint, lemon balm, lemongrass, fennel, chamomile, rose, and more), it’s a digestive health powerhouse that will keep your gut healthy and your immune system protected. Better for your diet: low sugar (5g added sugar) 60 calories, no artificial sweeteners, caffeine-free, vegan, keto-friendly, gluten-free, no dairy, no soy, no preservatives, all-natural. Perfect before breakfast, during lunch, at the office, and more. Have a Waku tea anytime or anywhere. Perfect everyday refreshment, whether on-the-go, with a meal, or as an afternoon pick me up. you will feel great after drinking it. Each case contains twelve (12) 10.14 oz. glass bottles of Waku berries and basil.